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Ximetría Business Management Shelter

We are a firm with more than 25 years of experience dedicated to provide integral solutions for Business Management and Shelter (BMS), focused on foreign companies already established in Mexico, which require close attention to their services and operations, as well as foreign companies who wish to expand their operations to our country.

We participate in different industry sectors, such as: manufacturing, commerce, construction, health, hospitality, information technology, etc., satisfying the needs of the business in its many areas, such as commercial, administrative, legal, fiscal, human resources and operations.

We are present all around the country with more than 150 professionals, working with international firms for the development of their business in Mexico such as: Credit Suisse, Black Creek Group and Deutsche Bank, among others. Our offices are located in 3 major cities: Monterrey, Guadalajara and Tijuana.

We have participated in more than 170 investment developments with a volume of more than 920 billion dollars.
Be the strategic ally for firms who currently provide services in Mexico, supporting them in any area the business would require, such as financial, legal, fiscal, HR, operations and maintenance, or any other specific area that the business entails.
To be the leader and the most trustworthy firm in Business Administration and Shelter services for foreign companies already established in Mexico and for the ones who wish to expand their operations to our country.
For the already established companies, we offer support for their current clients with our personnel, which is trained specifically for the processes of your company.
Integral Package of services that will offer your firm everything necessary to launch operations in Mexico in a timely manner.
Supervisors and/or administrators for any activity that you wish to perform in Mexico.
Administrative functions to ensure the fulfillment of all the mexican legal requirements.
Training of your personnel in Mexico according to the needs of your business and projects.
Advisory on different branches of business, such as administrative, financial, legal, labor, commercial, among others.
Outsourcing of personnel for every branch of business.
Action plans and strategy for the development and implementation of foreign firms in Mexico.

If your company needs to carry out an installation, supervision or monitoring of services or products that are offered by the firm, as well as coordinating processes with your suppliers from Mexico, Ximetría Business Management & Shelter can do it for you.



The Experience that Ximetría Business Management & Shelter has allows
our clients to start, or maintain successful operations, by avoiding unnecessary issues and expensive mistakes.


Giving you the security to focus on your headquarters while we are your ally and trustworthy consultant on all your ventures in Mexico.


Reduce costs and achieve optimal times on your establishment and maintenance of your operations in the country.


We act correctly, always with honesty and transparency in everything we do.
We fulfill our commitments and agreements.
We treat each person from our team and partners with equity and respect.


We have the capacity to perceive, share and comprehend the needs of our clients.
The teamwork will solve each of the business needs according to the characteristics of each client.


We work to find procedures and elements that will allow us to carry out our tasks in different ways than the traditional.

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  • E-mail:infobm@ximetria.mx

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